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 Do you know how to set your anchor properly in mud or rocks on Lake Delta or Hinckley?

Did you know that wearing your life jacket at all times while fishing could save your life in the sudden storm fronts that whip across a shallow lake like Oneida Lake?

Do you know the "rules of the road" and speed limit on the NYS Barge Canal?

Here's your chance to find out these answers and become a smarter, safer boater plus be eligible for discounts on your marine insurance.


 A Boating Safety Course is being offered:

When & Where: TBA

Please phone Squadron Education Officer Dave Schulz at (315) 266-0511

Lead Instructor: Dave Schulz

What: The course, called "America’s Boating Course 3", is comprised of the required 8 hours of instruction.The first day will begin with a session of 4hours and the additional 4 hours will be given during the following week. It includes a written exam. Students will take an examination to earn their “Safe Boating Certificate” This course meets all New York State boating certification requirements for insurance reductions, youthful operator and Personal Watercraft Certification (PWC). As of January 2004, all PWC operators are required to have successfully completed a boating safety course.

Parents are invited to bring their children 10 years of age and older with them to this class. Youth boating requirements including Personal Watercraft will be met for youth 10 to 18 upon successful completion of this course. Children under 15 must have parental or other adult supervision during all classes to participate.

There is no charge for instruction; there will be a $30 fee for textbooks.  Sharing a textbook with a friend or family member is allowed. Enrollment will be on a first come basis and the class size is limited. 

Please phone Squadron Education Officer Dave Schulz at (315) 266-0511 to reserve your book and tell us how many people in your family will attend.

Utica Sail and Power Squadron members encourage all boaters to use safe boating practices. The most urgently recommended practices are to wear your “personal flotation device” and avoid the use of alcoholic beverages while operating your boat. Experienced boaters who don’t need the personal watercraft operation certificate may want to move directly into the many Power Squadron member courses.


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